Our Philosophy

  1. Culture is a gift from the Creator to reunite us with the Source from Whence We Came and to bond us to our community.
  2. We were made for community. We can only work together with the Creator to the same extent we can work with others of creation.
  3. Our cultures, as given to us by the creator were perfect in their original state. Over time, two things have happened:
    a. The human race, out of fear, has added elements to the culture that the Creator never intended;
    b. Outside cultures have exerted an influence, shaming the behaviors of the minority culture (see “a” above.)
  4. The Creator made us who we are for a reason
  5. The Creator made our cultures as they are for a reason.
  6. The Creator placed us in a given culture(s) for a reason.
  7. If we are not fully living and embracing the culture that the Creator made us to be a part of, we are missing out on what the Creator intended for us.